iMag digital imaging system for microscope

Project Description

iMag system is designed to support all the VSS series cameras, providing a real time streaming for image previewing on PC. User controls like adjustments of contrast, saturation, exposure and several filters are all at your hands. Once you make the adjustments, they can be saved and restored at any time so that you can easily switch sample types or lighting conditions. The application software includes auto detecting feature for camera model and parameters, so the user does not need to preinstall or adjust any parameters for different cameras from VSS series.

Multi camera support with auto detect feature for all VSS series cameras:

  • VSS350CL/ML
  • VSS1000CL/ML
  • VSS1500CL

High-Sensitivity CCD

Provides sensitivity for a variety of applications, where high sensitivity and wide dynamic range are required.

36-Bit CCD Color Imaging

Provides excellent results in 640x480, 1024x768, 1392x1040 formats.

Digital zoom

Digital zoom up to x4 on your images in real-time

Preview Mode

Real time preview mode for fast focusing

Supported output formats


Easy-to-Use Application Software

All the adjustments and controls of the system are designed to be user friendly and no special expert knowledge needed to install and use the system